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Our Programs

We currently offer a program for the primary years age group between age 2.5 and 6 years.

The Children’s House.

In Montessori, the primary year classroom also known as the environment is called The Children’s House.

The Prepared Environment is focussed on the below five areas.

  • Practical Life

  • Sensorial

  • Language

  • Math

  • Cultural and Geographical world

The children will be under the guidance of an AMI Certified Montessorian. An individualized lesson plan based on the child’s current level and age will be presented by the guide. Materials will be introduced to the child in sequence from concrete to abstract levels.

The environment is strongly built for academic and social foundation for the current and future learning. The Environment is carefully designed to prepare the child with life skills, grace and courtesy followed by academic skills.

With this experience, the child is consciously working but unconsciously, preparing himself for adaptation into the future, which according to Maria Montessori means “happiness, ease and the sort of inner equilibrium which gives a sense of security to the child”.

Meet the Educator

Ms. Rathi Mani

Ms. Rathi completed her bachelors education in Business Management and masters education in Business Economics. She has two children at middle school and elementary ages.

Ms. Rathi’s motivation to Montessori education is derived from her experience developing her children. She saw her children develop to be self-motivated and independent in taking care of themselves. She was convinced that the future of the community and the world would be way better when we educate the children of today to be the Leaders of tomorrow.

She completed the Montessori Education for Primary Years at the Montessori Institute of North Texas to earn an AMI* Diploma. The science and history behind the Montessori environment** enthralled her further, asserted her pursuit to developing children as a whole.

She started working at Guidepost Montessori, to gain the experience of putting theory to practice. Every child in a Montessori environment is distinct in needs for development. She passionately applied her education, innovated with materials, tried different approaches to set children on a Normalization path. Her consistent success with children, built immense trust with parents. Her experience working with different guides, mentors and curriculum provided her the confidence to replicate and scale.

N4 Montessori Academy is the result of her continued pursuit to promote Independence in Children. She believes that a child when developed right between ages 3 and 6, they will grow to be great adults and leaders who will bring about change in the world, no matter the circumstances that will exist then.

* AMI - Association Montessori Internationale is the only Organisation founded by Maria Montessori herself to make her pedagogy available to as many children as possible worldwide.

** A classroom in traditional school is an environment in Montessori school

At birth, the child leaves a person – his mother’s womb – and this makes him independent of her bodily functions. The baby is next endowed with an urge, or need, to face the out world and to absorb it. We might say that he is born with ‘the psychology of world conquest.’ By absorbing what he finds about him, he forms his own personality.

- Maria Montessori (The Absorbent Mind, Chapter 8, p. 84)

Why Choose N4 Montessori Academy?


Unleash the natural psychic traits of the child by removing the obstacles, supported by the teacher and the scientific materials in the environment.


Develop the Child’s mind by satisfying the need for repetition, free choice, order, discipline and care for cleanliness and the environment.


Drive to satisfy the child’s psychic needs by nurturing the sensitivities and providing the right materials at the right time for the right duration ie. until the satisfaction leads to unconscious elevation of the mind-body coordination.


Create favorable circumstances for work, such that the child returns to normal state through work and work only, free of power, rewards and punishments, thereby bringing focus, concentration and independence to the child by his own choice.

The Montessori Method

The Montessori method is a concept that empowers children to achieve their full potential on their own. They are guided through their development needs by the educator, the environment and their natural ability to learn.

The Montessori environment comprises an intentional group of Children of mixed ages. The older children who have mastered the lessons teach the younger ones. The younger ones carefully observe and learn from the work of the older ones.

The Prepared Environment is a collection of carefully selected scientific materials organized to support the developmental characteristics. The goal of these materials is to develop the child with practical skills and abstract knowledge.

“The child can only develop fully by means of experience in his environment. We call such experience ‘work’.”

- Maria Montessori (The Absorbent Mind, Chapter 7, p. 88)

The child chooses the work and the Teacher connects the child to the materials in the prepared environment, introducing the child to the right materials at the right time. The teacher is equipped with the knowledge to understand the child’s sensitivity and motivation to introduce new lessons in a way that appeals to the child. The lessons are followed by self-directive, collaborating or peer-peer learning.

"The child must see for himself what he can do, and it is important to give him not only the means of education but also to supply him with indicators which tell him his mistakes……The child’s interest in doing better, and his own constant checking and testing, are so important to him that his progress is assured. His very nature tends toward exactitude and the ways of obtaining it appeal to him."

- Maria Montessori (The Absorbent Mind, p. 229)

Each child develops at their own pace, and on their own timeline, thereby creating independence, self-esteem, and respect for others and the environment. The outcome of the approach creates a positive behavioral discipline and unparalleled cognitive abilities that stay with the child for life.


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